The Milledgeville Players are getting ready for their first joint venture with Georgia Military College (GMC). 

            The play is “It’s a Wonderful Life: a Live Radio Play”.  This is a really clever, funny and touching play and the name sort of tells you what it’s about. 

            Basically, the story deals with a live radio broadcast of the story folks know from the motion picture, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Actors and actresses re-create the characters from the movie “live and on stage” as if performing it for an old time radio show, circa late1940's. 

            The stage at the Goldstein Center on the GMC campus will be transformed into a replica of one of the great old radio network stations.  And those stations, of course, would include an elaborate set up of instruments, devices, bells and whistles to create the many needed sound effects.

            The actual performance dates of the play will be Friday, December 8 - Sunday, Dec. 10.  More info will be given later

It's a Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play