Milledgeville Players.


The Tempest

Auditions will be held JUNE 22-24, 2020 (callbacks on the 25th) at

the Pecan Grove Events Center (formerly the Chapel of all Faiths)



Ferdinand must be a young male. He is the romantic character.

Miranda must be a young woman (the character is 15). She is innocence personified.

Ariel may be male or female but must be willowy and able to move well. (S)he sings.

Caliban is the other spirit figure who has lines. He is physically monstrous but we see him as a sympathetic figure.

Nymphs, spirits, and reapers are minor characters. Three nymphs double as goddesses (Iris, Juno, and Ceres). They have lines. They sing.

Alonzo is the king of Naples. He travels with an entourage:

            Ferdinand, his son (see above).

            Sebastian, his younger brother

            Adrian and Francisco, noblemen

            Gonzalo, an honest old counselor

            Stephano, Alonzo’s drunken butler

            Trinculo, his fool

Prospero. This is his/her show. (S)he has studied the dark arts. Where Ariel’s magic is organic,

            Prospero’s is learned. He has been usurped by his younger brother and has been exiled to the island with his daughter, Miranda (see above) for 12 years.

Antonio, brother to Prospero. He has been the acting Duke of Milan since he threw out his brother (with Alonzo’s help)

Ship’s Master, Boatswain, and Mariners are minor characters. They will double as Reapers and, possibly, stagehands.

* It is possible that Antonio will become Antonia, etc.